Drive in Syracuse

24 Apr

Drive in Syracuse

Lack of underground public transportation system, buses came once an hour…it seems that driving is one of the main transportation methods in cities like Syracuse. While 95% percent of the American people owns at least one vehicle, a car crash is a major problem that stands in the way of driving safely to home.

In the city of snow, the most concern about driving is the harsh weather itself. But is there truly a correlation between weather conditions and car crashes in Syracuse? By analyzing the data within 2012-2014, total car crashes in Syracuse are 10,237. In this amount of car crashes, 1,024 incidents happened in Snowy weather. The most car crashes happen in clear and cloudy weathers which are 4543 and 2838. Considering road conditions as well, the snowy road conditions make 1210 of the total number of incidents. Snowy weather may have an impact on driving but driving on a sunny day doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention.

Also, there are more car crashes on Thursday and Friday than the rest of the whole week. Within the day, car crashes rise from 7 am. In the morning to 7 pm at night. Also, there is a significant peak after 12 pm at night as well.Taking care when you are on your way to work and drive while you are totally awake. Exhaust driving is one of the main reasons car crash happens. Stay alerted, stay alive.

Unfortunately, there are 20 fatal car accidents reported in these three years. 3952 incidents of car crashes involve human injury. The most common car crash injuries involve soft tissue injuries, scrapes and cuts, head injuries, chest injuries, arm and leg injuries and burn injuries. Even though modern cars are focusing on passenger safety, it is quite inevitable to get seriously injured. Even though you do survive an accident, the follow ups would be a lot of pain.

As conclusions, I would like to give some driving tips. Always be awake and conscious about the when and where you are driving. Take care of your car as well as yourself. Be prepared for all road and weather conditions. That’s how you drive in Syracuse as well as in everywhere in the world.

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